Donald Sterling Girlfriend: V. Stiviano a Transgender? Rumors Claim Model Used to be a Man


A rumor claims that Donald Sterling’s girlfriend V.Stiviano used to be a man. (Photo : Instagram)

The world is now eager to find out everything there is to know about Donald Sterling’s girlfriend (or mistress) V. Stiviano. The 31-year-old model is the woman who reportedly leaked audiotapes in which Sterling was making racist remarks about African Americans.

Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers but after the tapes leaked, the NBA banned him for life. Before the scandal, not much was known about V. Stiviano. She was often spotted sitting courtside at basketball games and flaunted her lavish lifestyle on Instragram but was a relative unknown.

In a new report by Media Take Out, the gossip site suggests that the model might have been born a man.

“Breaking News: We Now Have Some Very Convincing Evidence… That the Racist Clippers Owner’s Girlfriend… Is a Transgendered American!!” the site’s headline read.

MTO’s “proof” was that Stiviano has “very manly hands” and likes to wear men’s watches. That’s not much evidence to go on.

“Peep them hands… when have you ever in your life seen a woman with hands like that???” the site wrote and included a close-up picture of her hands.

According to Rumor Fix, Stiviano was not born a man and claims that legal documents revealed that her birth name is Maria Vanessa Perez. The Daily Mail reports that Stiviano changed her mane in 2010 to separate herself from her troubled childhood.

In court documents seen by the Daily Mail (which they chose not to publish because of their “sensitive nature”) she says that she wanted to change her name because she hadn’t “yet been fully accepted because of my race.”

Her mother is said to be Mexican and her father is believed to be African American. According to the Daily Mail, Stiviano was born in San Antonio, Texas but had a rough upbringing surrounded by poverty. Her mother, who reportedly didn’t have a job, was convicted on trying to use her children to steal items from a grocery store.

Now, the model lives in a $1.8 million condo in Los Angeles, drives a bright red Ferrari (and has numerous other luxury cars), and a closet full of designer clothes. It is said that Sterling was the one footing the bill for her lavish lifestyle.